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How do I export invoices from Invoice2go to QuickBooks?

Dale - Tier 2
posted this on November 01, 2011 10:29 PM


(NOTE: This feature is only available on the Classic desktop version of Invoice2go. The current feature of Invoice2go does not support this function yet. This may be included on future updates though. Thank you for your support. )


Have you ever wished there was a mobile version of QuickBooks you could use on your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device? Invoice2go has the solution. You can now easily create invoices on your mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android) and add them into QuickBooks or even other accounting packages.


One click synchronises your invoices between your mobile devices (iPhone, iPad or Android) and Invoice2go Desktop. Then simply export your invoices from Invoice2go desktop to QuickBooks with another click. It’s easy, it’s fast and it allows you and your sales force to create invoices using QuickBooks while they are on the go.

How Invoice2go makes QuickBooks mobile.

Invoice2go’s QuickBooks feature works with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro. You can also export files from Invoice2go that can be imported by many other desktop invoice programs. The QuickBooks feature works by exporting invoice data from Invoice2go for desktop directly into Quickbooks. Alternatively you can export to a separate file to import into any other compatible accounts software.

With Invoice2go’s ability to sync invoices between your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android smart phone and desktop PC, you’ll be able to create invoices on site and manage them in QuickBooks back at head office.

Invoice2go QuickBooks features.

Click, click, done.

Syncing Invoice2go from an iPhone, iPad or Android1 couldn't be simpler. Sending your invoices to QuickBooks is just as easy.

On-site invoicing.

Invoice2go users already know how easy invoicing on your mobile is. For QuickBooks users it's a great way to start invoicing away from the office.

More productive, less mistakes.

Direct communication between Invoice2go and QuickBooks means less chance for mistakes and accurate record keeping.

Efficiency and Performance.

Invoice2go has been perfectly adapted from easy to use desktop software to an innovative iPhone app. Now we’ve taken those easy-of-use principles and added QuickBooks functionality.

Quick and easy.

The refined process of exporting invoices from your iPhone, iPad or Android1 to QuickBooks is so simple that all of the manual work is taken out. Making the transfer faster than ever!


Your sales force will only be able to see invoices that relate to them on mobile devices. Giving you more security for your sensitive information.

Let's get started.

Syncing with QuickBooks is easy! In two simple steps you’ll have invoices you created on your mobile device managed in QuickBooks.

Step 1: Setup Syncing between your mobile and desktop.
Step 2: Export invoices from Invoice2go Desktop into QuickBooks.

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