How do I Login?

The first time you open Invoice2go you will be given 2 choices.

  • Begin - That is, Create a new company, and
  • Sign in - That is, sign in to an existing company.
If you do not have these options, you may be using the Lite version of Invoice2go.
The Lite version only has Standalone companies, to have cloud companies upgrade to the Paid or Plus version of Invoice2go
If you cannot remember your password, click here.
1. If this is the first time you've opened Invoice2go, choose the "Sign In" option.
2. Enter your Login details and tap "Sign In"
3. Now select which company you would like to use by tapping it.
You are now logged in to Invoice2go, all your documents, products and clients will download to your device shortly.


However, if you have already added a company to Invoice2go, then

1. Go to the "Home" tab and tap the change_company.png button to open the Manage Companies screen. A list of existing companies will appear.

2. Tap Add Company to log in to an existing Cloud2go company.


 Invoice2go for iPhone

3. You will be prompted to close & restart Invoice2go. Tap Yes.

4. Re-open Invoice2go for iPad.

5. Now follow the steps above for first time users to log in.


Cloud2go will download your documents, clients, products and settings to your device. When this is completed you can use your Cloud2go account to sync and share.


Now whenever you make changes they will sync to Cloud2go and all of your devices. You can disable Automatic Sync from the Settings -> Cloud2go > Account options . Toggle the "Save Automatically" option to OFF. Sync any time manually by swiping down in the Folders, Products or Clients views.


iPad_button_Static.png iPhone_button_Static.png Desktop_button_Static.png android_button_Static.png

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